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    Newbie - multiple forms



      Newbie - multiple forms


           Sorry, I am so new to FileMaker I don't even know the correct terminology.


           I have created a simple database and input form to collect survey information when walking round a house.  It is being tested on an iPad and works well.

           I would now like to improve the usability by having muliple input screens, one for the outside, another for the upper floor another the lower floor etc. In Bento this is easy by making multiple tabs at the top, but I cannot see how it is done in FileMaker 

           It would be very helpful if someone would point me in the right direction.



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               FileMaker also has a tab control that you can use for the same purpose.

               You can also create multiple layouts and put buttons on the layout that enable you to switch layouts when you tab/click them.

               With scripting, you can even set up a drop down list of such layouts so that you can select a layout from the list and you are then taken to that layout.

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                 Fantastic, thanks.


                 I did look at the tab before I posted the question, but missed the "go to layout".  I have notablet up a tap and it does exactly what I want. I did have a slight worry because the new layout created a new table. But after checking the data still goes into the original table as well as the new table.


                 This is going to save so much time. Before I used a paper form and then when I got back home input the results into Excel. How I just send a CSS file to myself from the iPad and job done.

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                        I did have a slight worry because the new layout created a new table.

                   That does not make any sense to me.

                   A layout does not "create a new table", but if you create a new table, you automatically get a new layout for it. You can create as many layouts as you need and they can all refer to the same table if you select the same name in the "show records from" drop down found in layout setup...

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                     I will try to explain.

                     I have developed a single layout with about 150 questions (fields). To make a new layout  selected a number of these fields.

                     I then looked at the new layout and then changed views to table. I then saw a table containing only the fields in the newly created layout. I was worried that this was an entirely new, independent table. However when I tested it by inputting data I realised that it was just part of the original table.