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Newbie - Music Library Advice

Question asked by jdhelle on Aug 3, 2009
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Newbie - Music Library Advice


I need advice regarding setting up a music library database.  I want to take the design from the 'Music Library' template and change it to fit my needs. So, here goes:




1. I have 5 different type of Edison Recoding Media - ex. Blue Amberol, Diamond Disc, Wax Cylinder, Indestructible, Purple Amberol


2. There are many fields that are common among each media - I have listed the fields below.


3. I have each type media stored in Excel on separate tabs in one document.  If necessary I can combine them and leave the unique fields blank for those type of media where it does not apply.


4. In the 'Music Library' want to have a separate tab for each type of media - I have created the tabs, but don't know how to find only the data for the specific media - I know this answer will vary depending upon question #1 below.


Here's a list of all the fields:


Media Type: Blue Amberol, Diamond Disc, Wax Cylinder, Indestructible, Purple Amberol - all media has to be one of these 

Coupling Number: 1615, 55019-L, 55019-R, 4M:345, etc. - applies to all media
Recording Date: 1911/03/01 - applies to all media
Release Date: 1911/09/18 - applies to all media
Place Recorded: NYC, LON, BER - there are only these three values - applies to all media
Title: applies to all media
Artist: applies to all media
Performer: applies to all media
Subject: applies to all media
Subject Notes: applies to all media
Other Information: applies to all media
Recording Type: Direct - if it's not direct it should be blank - applies to all media except Diamond Disc
Price: applies to all media
Date Purchased: 2009/05/30 - applies to all media
NOS: Yes or No - applies to all media
Box/Lid: There are about 6 different combinations i.e. OB/OL, OB/NL, TOB/OL, etc. - applies to all media except Diamond Disc
Take / Mold: applies to all media
Duplicate: Yes or No - applies to all media
Matrix: Applies only to Diamond Disc
Stored: where the record is located - applies to all media




1. Should all the different types of media, and all the information pertaining to each piece of media, be in one table or a separate table for each media? Or, should all the common fields be in one table and separate tables for the unique information?  


2. There are some duplicate media - they would both have the same Coupling Number and may or may not have a different Take/Mold.  Will the database handle those OK?



I know I'm asking for a whole lot of info, any advice is much appreciated!