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    Newbie - Music Library Advice



      Newbie - Music Library Advice


      I need advice regarding setting up a music library database.  I want to take the design from the 'Music Library' template and change it to fit my needs. So, here goes:




      1. I have 5 different type of Edison Recoding Media - ex. Blue Amberol, Diamond Disc, Wax Cylinder, Indestructible, Purple Amberol


      2. There are many fields that are common among each media - I have listed the fields below.


      3. I have each type media stored in Excel on separate tabs in one document.  If necessary I can combine them and leave the unique fields blank for those type of media where it does not apply.


      4. In the 'Music Library' want to have a separate tab for each type of media - I have created the tabs, but don't know how to find only the data for the specific media - I know this answer will vary depending upon question #1 below.


      Here's a list of all the fields:


      Media Type: Blue Amberol, Diamond Disc, Wax Cylinder, Indestructible, Purple Amberol - all media has to be one of these 

      Coupling Number: 1615, 55019-L, 55019-R, 4M:345, etc. - applies to all media
      Recording Date: 1911/03/01 - applies to all media
      Release Date: 1911/09/18 - applies to all media
      Place Recorded: NYC, LON, BER - there are only these three values - applies to all media
      Title: applies to all media
      Artist: applies to all media
      Performer: applies to all media
      Subject: applies to all media
      Subject Notes: applies to all media
      Other Information: applies to all media
      Recording Type: Direct - if it's not direct it should be blank - applies to all media except Diamond Disc
      Price: applies to all media
      Date Purchased: 2009/05/30 - applies to all media
      NOS: Yes or No - applies to all media
      Box/Lid: There are about 6 different combinations i.e. OB/OL, OB/NL, TOB/OL, etc. - applies to all media except Diamond Disc
      Take / Mold: applies to all media
      Duplicate: Yes or No - applies to all media
      Matrix: Applies only to Diamond Disc
      Stored: where the record is located - applies to all media




      1. Should all the different types of media, and all the information pertaining to each piece of media, be in one table or a separate table for each media? Or, should all the common fields be in one table and separate tables for the unique information?  


      2. There are some duplicate media - they would both have the same Coupling Number and may or may not have a different Take/Mold.  Will the database handle those OK?



      I know I'm asking for a whole lot of info, any advice is much appreciated!



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          1. Yes, they should all be one table. There is no problem having some fields that are blank sometimes. Unless you have a sizable percentage of fields which only apply to one of the types, it is not worth it to split them (and it is not something for someone new to FileMaker).


          Showing only one type in each Tab requires 2 things:


          1) Somewhere to look at them FROM. This could be a single-record "constant" table. Or any other "parent" table of them. Or it could be the table itself, using self-relationships.


          2) A "type" field in the Media (duh, you knew that). But you also need either several calculation fields, result Text, which are the fixed names of the types: 


          z_cBlue_Amberol = "Blue Amberol"


          But that is going to bloat your file is there are in the Media table; but not if they are in a "constant" table (only 1 record, hard to bloat :-).



          2. You really should use a real auto-enter Serial ID, or a unique UID (can get via Custom Function) for your records. Never rely on an external identification number if there is any chance of duplicates (ever). Then there is not much problem have other fields being duplicates; though it can cause problems if you use them as the indexed field of a Value List (as you'll only ever see the 1st one).