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Newbie - Populating parent key?

Question asked by jjfcpa_1 on Oct 27, 2012
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Newbie - Populating parent key?


     I have just two tables:



     I have a layout for the Client table and it is working ok.  Parent key is __ClientID  That's two underscores.

     I created a layout for the Employees table and can't get the parent key to populate.  Parent key in this table is _ClientID.  That's one underscore.  In the relationship graph I have linked the two tables.  In the auto-enter for the _ClientID I specified that it get looked up in the Client table.  

     I am getting a blank _ClientID field when I add a new record.

     Can someone please help me with this before I lose all my hair.  BTW, there are no fields from the Client table on the Employees layout and the table specified for the Employees layout is the Employees table.