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Newbie - Relationship help for Academic setting

Question asked by JodieK on Jan 26, 2011
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Newbie - Relationship help for Academic setting


Help! I'm trying to create a school database of families, students and classes for our school that will generate: a school directory listed by class, mailing labels for each class, and various rosters.  My problem is that several students are from split families, which means they have two addresses to be listed both in the directory and on mailing labels. I've been struggling for a way to design it so that  everything works. And of course most families have more than one child at the school. My tables so far are: 1) Students, with information particular to that child (grade, class, gender, allergies, etc.) 2) Families (fields include address(es), phones, both parent names and workplaces, emergency contact info, etc.. And a ClassRoster table with only the fields: teacher, and familyID. ANY suggestions on fields and relationships would help. I've been tearing my hair out, because as soon as I can get one relationship to work another fails. So far I have a studentFamiliyID which links the student to one or both family records which he is linked to (and these show up fine in a portal on an Enrollment Form), but I can't get this to generate two mailing labels for him for his class. AND I'm on a deadline to finish this.. I've looked at the sample Contact Management database, but nothing seems to have what I need, for cases when someone has TWO addresses but most people do not.