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Newbie - Relationships

Question asked by RebeccaBoyd on Aug 26, 2010
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Newbie - Relationships


I am new to Filemaker and we are using Pro 11.

I am trying to figure out relationships and where to put some of the information I have so that I can properly 'pull it out' later. I do not know how to upload my relationships table to show you what I have and ask where I need to put information, please help.


Ok, now that the screen is posted. My database will ultimately need to tell me 1. How many and what kind of workshops did we have? 2. How many teacher attended the workshops or one in particluar? 3. What schools participated in the workshops as a whole or individually? 4. How many children attended the workshops as a whole or individually? The area and trustee information will be needed as well. I have the tables split up this way because I may need to get specific information from each table. I currently do not understand how to relate the schools with the workshops. Some of them are actually held at a particular school. Or Where do I put the number of children that attended? 

I am sorry for the amount of questions, but I am new and trying to be a pro in a short amount of time...