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    Newbie - Which Table and How?



      Newbie - Which Table and How?

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          Oops! I didn't post my question! I am a new user to Pro11. i am using a PC and am a single user. I Currently am trying to link two many-to-many tables together.

          I have a Teacher Table with the following fields, pkTeacherID, fkSchoolID, LastName, FirstName, Title and Grade

          I have a Workshop Table with the following fields, pkWorkshopID, Presenter, Type, Title, Date, and I have included a Participants field. I do not know how to list the teachers in this Table.

          I know I need a 'linking' table since it is a many-to-many, but I will need to print reports letting me know how many teachers attended specific workshops, that will ultimately lead me to which schools participated.

          Where do I put this information?

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            Presumably you're using a set up like this demo file uses to link "contracts" to "companies".

            You'd base such a report on your join table, but add fields from your teacher and workshop tables where needed to the report layout.

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              I am not going to download the demo.

              The two tables will be connected by the pkTeachers and pkWorkshops.

              How does my linking table know that specific teachers went to a specific workshop? Are they listed in the Workshop Table? I am new to the program and need specific details.

              Thank you

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                That's one of the reasons I suggested downloading the demo. It helps to be sure that you've defined the correct relationships between your join and data tables.


                Since each record represents one teacher attending one workshop. You can build a layout based on the Join table that lists the ID numbers of every Workshop and every Teacher attending. The relationships that I hope you have defined link this record in the join table to one Teacher record and one Workshop record.  Thus, you can place fields such as the Workshop and Teacher names on your Join based layout and the fields will display information from the correct Teacher and Workshop record.

                You can sort such a report to group all Join records by Workshop Title to list the teachers for each Workshop. You can place the Workshop name in a subsummary part "When sorted by Workshop Name" to use as a sub heading for each group of records.

                If you are new to summary reports, you may want to look at this tutorial for some ideas and examples:  

                Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial