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Newbie advice

Question asked by Demian on Mar 4, 2010
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Newbie advice


Hi.  I'm trying to decide if Filemaker will allow me to do what I need to do with my work projects, so have very limited experience.  I apologize for the novice questions.


First, any really good, intuitive tutorials that link to everything, inc scripting?



Second - I've designed a layout that collects required data about patients and automatically populates several forms as needed.  There are a couple things I need to be able to have this do should it work.  We frequently have one patient with multiple issues, all requiring the same basic information.  I don't want to crowd the layout unnecessarily with extra fields unless they're needed.  How can I set it up so that, should we need to, new fields appear in the same tab (a new tab is ok if it has to be)?  I have created enough unique fields to handle multiple issues, I just need to know how to get them to appear on demand.  For example, my base layout has these fields:  Dx, Symp, tx, dur.  I've created dx1, symp1, tx1, dur1 and so on for additional issues.  I suppose I could just put them on a new tab, so they don't clutter the one we have to have, but I prefer to have this all together...easier for review or patient info. 


Another wish - I want the ability to have a button or something that, when clicked, will give the user the ability to search for a picture file, and then auto format the image to fit.  As it is, I know how to add a picture, but we use dozens of new images a day, all new, so that it's impossible to preselect a file.  I could preselect a folder where the images are stored, but the less the end users have to do, the better.


Finally, hopefully a simple one:  I have one of my fields set up as a checklist.  The problem is that if more than one item is selected from the checklist, when it populates the form, each entry generates a carriage return before the next one.  Here's an example:




"and management of DN located on the right cheek. The lesion has been present for 2 years. The patient

complains of the following symptoms: non healing

bleeding. The lesion has had biopsy. After this lesion has been addressed, the patient will return to Dr."



The bolded text is where it should be on the same line.  I won't even worry about punctuation.


Thanks for any direction!