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newbie and confused

Question asked by SamuelWinkler on Aug 31, 2013
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newbie and confused


     I have 2 tables with corelating data.  the first table is the primary table and includes dozens of fields.  I want filemaker to compare field 4 from table A to produce a value automatically that will change as the values from fields 1, 2, and 3 change and it will reference table B to find the appropriate value.


     Field 4 =

     table A:: field 1 = table B::field 1 and 

     table A:: field 2 = table B::field 2 and 

     table a::field 3 >= table b::Field 3 

     and then find the record on table b where the above conditions are all true and place the value of table B:: Field 4 in table a:: field 4..  How do i do that and also if table A is the primary table, how many keys need to be linked to table b to make this work?