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newbie calculation and portal help

Question asked by JeffDening on Jan 15, 2011
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newbie calculation and portal help


Greetings all

I am using filemaker 11 to set up a customer tracking system for my repair business and am seeking some guidance.  I am a relative novice with databases I am working my way through the Missing Manual but I was wondering if there were any other resources that I may be able to reference, such as a table or list of common scripts.  The MM book is great but I can tell when it switches between authors--one author's style just clicks with my way of thinking and the other puts me to sleep after re-reading multiple times.

The current task I am wrestling with (in case anyone wishes to comment) is getting information into the individual work orders from the table of repair tasks.   It would seem that this is a common function to have to do, I just haven't learned enough yet to do it.  My best idea so far is to have a line item table in between the work order and repair task tables.  

The trick is adding data/conditions that are specific to the work order du jur such as quantities or nomenclature.  I don't know if items such as those should be part of the line item table, in the repair task portal (in the line item table), or reserved for the work order itself (and then how to do that is another issue).