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    Newbie error



      Newbie error



           I can’t figure out what I did wrong.

           Initially I had a layout with both a sub-summary and detail section.

           The detail section had an alternating background fill.

           Everything displayed correctly in print preview mode.

           Then I was tweaking the layout and now the alternating background has gone away although in the part definition dialog it still shows both the checkbox for alternating background fill as being checked and the same background fill I had previously set.

           I realize this isn’t much info to go on but if I knew what I did I wouldn’t be asking for help.

           Thanking you in advance for your insight.

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               From my test it looks like the only part that can have alternating background is the body.  If you have a body part setup with alternating background and then change the body part to a different part it will leave the alternating background checked but it will be grayed out.

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                 It turns out that the issue surfaced when I changed the script step from view as a list to view as a form.

                 When I changed the script step back to view as a list the problem went away.

                 Makes sense why this occurs.