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Newbie find script help

Question asked by DRR on Nov 22, 2009
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Newbie find script help


Using Filemaker Pro 10 on a mac for personal use on my MacBook Pro.

I have developed a medical "record" for my practice. It has a face sheet layout page where basic demographics are placed, including the name of the patient. Tabs across the top take you to other layouts that include progress notes that have (and will) be written for each session, background paperwork, labs etc.

The problem is that if I pull up John Smith on the face page, I want to be able to have a find performed on the other tabs/layouts that I enter so that it only shows "John Smith's" information. I have played with the script upon entering each layout, find scripts etc., but cannot seem to make it work. I'm sure this is easy stuff for you folks and I have put in a lot of effort on my own already. Just stuck here.