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Newbie formula question

Question asked by JeremyCarr on Jun 13, 2014
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Newbie formula question


     Hi, just starting with FM, trying to make the following formula in a calculation field work.

     All fields referred to are either Yes / No or Yes / No / NA

     Basically, if any field is NO then the calculation must be NO. If any field is Yes OR NA the calculation is Yes

     The problem I am unable to solve is that if any field is N/A then it overrides any other field that is NO and the result of the calculation is Yes!


     If (Ap1flperf="Yes" and Ap1sd="yes" and Ap1vent="Yes" and Ap1term="Yes" or Ap1flperf="N/A" or Ap1sd="N/A" or Ap1term="N/A";"Yes";"No")

     I am sure this is a simple error but any help appreciated!