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Newbie Help - Generate mailing letters

Question asked by IanStone on Mar 26, 2009
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Newbie Help - Generate mailing letters


I have 2 tables.  Table 1 is called Projects and contains the following 2 text fields (Simplified):





Table 2 is called vendors and contains detailed information of all bills paid to each vendor by project.  Field definition as follows (again simplified) 


Project_Name  (Text field)

Vendor_Name (Text field)

Bill_Amount (Numeric field)

Total_Billed  (Summarizes total of bill_amount)


Sample of records in table 2 may be (formatted Project_Name, Vendor_Name, Bill_Amount)


Project1, ABC Company, 200

Project1, DFE Company, 850

Project1, ABC Company, 340...


I have defined a relationship between the 2 tables linking the Project_Name field and generated a layout that summarizes the activity by project.  A typical result is



ABC Company $540

DFE Company $850

Project1    $1390


Project 2


and so on


I would like to use this result set to generate a form letter that goes something like this


Congratulations <<Vendor_Name>> you spent <<Total_Billed> on <<Project_Name at <<Project Address>>


I can generate both the result set (in a layout) and the form letter but I can't figure out how to relate the result set to the form letter without exporting the data and creating a new table which seems superfluous.  



Any help would be greatly appreciated.