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Newbie help - multiple choices from list displayed

Question asked by RickyFarr on Oct 12, 2012
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Newbie help - multiple choices from list displayed


     Dear All,

     I apologise if there is a thread with this already... but after quite a few hours of searching we kept drawing a blank....


     We have a business in which employees complete a range of tasks / procedures on a visit to a client.  These task are displayed in a drop down list on the employees iPad (via FMP 12) - is it possible to select multiple tasks and have them put into another 'table' - which when the employee returns from a visit can sync with the work network to show which tasks have been done?

     We are trialing FMP at the moment to see if this is a viable way for us to 'streamline' our business (due to many tasks being forgotten by the time a employee has done 20+ visits in one day, all with multiple procedures done on each visit)

     Thank you in advance.

     Rick + Crew!!