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Newbie help building an estimate form

Question asked by ncriptide on Dec 17, 2008
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Newbie help building an estimate form


First let me say this is my first project with Filemaker Pro or ANY database program for that matter. No prior experience with databases whatsoever, so please talk to me like you are talking to a fifth grader.


I have created an Estimate form (called estimate_form) and have two additional databases linked to it called Cap_Inventory and Lid_Pitch.


This form has three sections, all exactly the same. I have the first section setup. The part number field is a drop down menu (populated from cap_inventory). When I select a part number, I have the image of the chimney cap for that part number appearing to the right in a portal. All if fine there. Also on that section is a field called "Lid Pitch" which is also a drop down menu. When a pitch is selected - the proper diagrahm pops into the bottom photo on that section. Again - all is well there.


My problem comes in on the last two sections. I've called the part number field in the second section "part_number2". Yet when I select a part number in the top section, the same picture drops into all three sections. I want each to operate individually of each other and not sure what I am doing wrong.


See form sample below:

estimate form

As you can see in the example, the picture from the top section, dropped into the second and third sections as well.


In "Relationships" I have capPartNumber in Cap_Inventory, linking (don't know the word) to capPartNumber in estimate_form.  I've got lidPitchID in Lid_Pitch table linking to lidPitchID in the estimate_form.


What do I need to do to get the last two sections to operate individually?


Let me know if you need additonal info to identify the problem.