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Newbie help with database project

Question asked by bluewater7 on Feb 21, 2013
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Newbie help with database project


     Hello, I am interested in creating an image database which will eventually be used on a website for product catalogue. I have FileMaker Pro 12 and want to make sure I set up the right practices for best results. In the end, I want to make sure that my database is friendly for all user devices i.e. windows, Mac, mobile phones, iPads, android tablets etc.

     My questions are:

  •           -what 1st steps should I take when setting up my database to insure optimal usability and avoid having to go back and change things I forgot to do in the 1st place?
  •           -Is there a doucument out there for "best practices" for setting up an image and product databse that may include things like file naming practices, unique identifier practices etc.?
  •           -should a template be created to help with the process and better standardization of end result? or is there a stock template available?
  •           -Any special options and features I need to check off to make my database is friendly for mobile devices?

     Thanks for your help!!