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Newbie help with query/relationships

Question asked by JulianSpark on Sep 27, 2013
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Newbie help with query/relationships


     I am newbie, or at least it is about 15 years since I last worked with FileMaker Pro. I am looking for help with something I am trying to do.
     I want to use FileMaker to build a list of questions to be used in a test. The test comprises a number of questions organised into sections.
     I have a table of questions, with three fields -  questionID, sectionID, question_name.
     I have a sections table with two fields sectionID and section_name.
     These tables are related by sectionID
     I have a test table which has testID, test_name and sectionID1, sectionID2 etc
     SectionID1 is linked to sectionID of the sections table. SectionID2 is also linked to sectionID of the sections table.
     I thought I could use this set up to run a query on the questions table to produce an output which would have: test_name and all the questions which match the sectionID1, section ID2 etc criteria of the test table.
     But I can't get my head around it, I am missing something fundamental.