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Newbie here, help please

Question asked by GregSchnider on Sep 10, 2011
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Newbie here, help please


I would appreciate some help with this situation. Thanks so much.


Table - Lease List


fields - True Owner Company, Lease Number, address, phone, square footage...


Table - Lease List Verified


other fields - True Owner Company, Lease Number, address, phone, square footage


Table - Contacts


other fields - Company, address, phone, square footage


I currently have a portal on the Contact layout that shows the records from the Lease List Verified table


I import data from excel into the Lease List table and modify some of the data. Once I'm done modifying the data, I want to click a button "Verify" that looks up the field Lease Number in the Lease List Verified table. If the Lease Number exists, I want it to update the record with the data in the corresponding fields from the Lease List Layout. So it goes from Lease List to Lease List Verified by clicking the button. If the Lease Number doesn't exist, I want it to create a new record in the Lease List Verified table and input the data from the Lease List table. 

Then, I want the same sort of functionality from the Lease List Verified table to the Contacts table. On the Lease List Verified layout, I want a button that will add certain fields from Lease List Verified to Contacts. For example, the field Lease List Verified::True Owner Company should create a new contact record and set the value of Contacts::Company to Lease List Verified::True Owner Company. 


Basically, I'm importing data into Lease List, verifying the data, transfering it to Lease List Verified, then creating a contact (if one doesn't exist) from the data in the Lease List Verified table.


New to filemaker and this is way above me. I'm about 435 pages through the missing manual and haven't gotten to the advanced stuff yet, which this clearly is and I need to get this going. PLEASE HELP. thanks.