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    Newbie here.  Checkbox with value question.



      Newbie here.  Checkbox with value question.


      I am wanting to create a rubric for grading.  I have created fields with checkboxes and gave a value to each one.  For instance.

      Task 1 excellent.  The value is 10, Task 1 Proficient. The value is 7.5.  Task 1 Needs Work, Value 5.  I have the same all the way till task 3. 

      What I envision is that I can look at the students assignment, check the appropriate box and then it shows the calculated grade in a grade field. 

      I am a newbie.  Is there someone that can help me with a dummied down version on how to finish the rest of my work. 




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          Since check boxes make it easy to select multiple values. I'd use radio buttons instead of check boxes unless I want to be able to select "Proficient" and "Needs Work" in the same field of the same record.

          If you can size your field so that the values in the radio button formatted field are vertical, do it this way:

          Define your value list as a list of the nubmers 10, 7.5, 5, etc--not the text.

          Format your field as a radio button field and size it so that it is tall enough to list all the radio buttons in a single column, but so narrow that the the numbers are not visible. Now use the layout text tool to add the text labels for each value next to your radio buttons. This way, you select "Needs Work", but the field records a value of 5.

          If you want to list the values horizontally, you'll need to use a more complex approach for this. You can either define a calculation field that converts the selected text value into the numeric score, or place multiple copies of the same field side by side, each with a different single value value list so that you can still make the field too narrow to display the text and yet be able to add the layout text label next to each value.

          "I have the same all the way till task 3"

          You may want to consider a table of related task records for this. That way, you aren't limited to a specific number of tasks in your design and some types of reports can be easier to set up from a layout based on such a table.

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            I have changed it over to the radio box as you suggested. 

            Now, what do I need to do for that total to display at the bottom of this report?

            I want to have this radio box field for each task, then at the bottom, I want it to display the total points that they earned.  I do not know how to do that. 

            This is just one assignment out of 18.  I want to put in all the information eventually as I grade.  What do you think is the best method to execute?

            I have a general rubric layout, and then I have a layout for this specific assignment. 

            I envision selecting the assignment - it will then populate the instructions, and tasks with the checkboxes and then I insert the students name, grade them, and then be able to print/email it, etc and give to the student.

            In regards to this comment:

            "You may want to consider a table of related task records for this. That  way, you aren't limited to a specific number of tasks in your design and  some types of reports can be easier to set up from a layout based on  such a table."

            I need further explanation on this.  I feel like a dummy.

            Here is the scap of the added radio box value list with the text labels out beside. -- in the original message that is.

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              I see check boxes, not the radio buttons I recommended here. check boxes imply to the user that multiple value selections are possible and this is not the case here.

              Given your current design, the total score can be computed with a calculation field that sums the values of these fields:

              Task 1 Proficiency + Task 2 Proficiency + Task 3 Proficiency + Task 4 Proficiency

              Is one possible expression for that calculation field if I've named your 4 fields correctly.

              Your layut strongly suggests that you would be better off adding a new table to your database. In this table, you'd define at least the following fields:

              AssignmentID, TaskNumber, TaskComplete, Task Proficiency, TaskCritique

              Note that all but the first two fields in this new table are currently a set of 4 fields that you repeat over and over. You can replace those fields with a portal to this table and then you can have any number of tasks set up for each assignment if you wish. A calculation field that uses the sum function can compute the total proficiency: Sum ( TasksTable::Task Proficiency ) and there are other functions you can use to compute other aggregate values such as an average.

              How you set this up depends on the structure of the rest of your database. Typical approaches to a student records system like this include a table to list each student in your class, a table to list each assignment and at least one table for grading each assignment, but many more tables might be needed depending on how many different classes you teach and how you plan to teach these classes as well as how you plan to grade their work.

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                I have the new image loaded.  I do have the calculation set.  It will work.  I will now look into the rest of your suggestion in regards to creating more tables. 

                I should probably have a student table and an assignment table.  That is what I am thinking.  Is that what your suggestion was. 

                That way I can take and have all of the assignments listed and use my dropdown box and select the assignment and it should pull all the rest of the information in.. Will it work that way?

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                  A lot depends on your class assignments and what methods you decide to use when evaluating and recording student performance.

                  You may want to establish a single assignments table and use a join table linking a student to an assignment to record their grade for that assignment. The "tasks" table I sketched out, would be a detail table linked to that same table so that you can use your rubric to grade each assignment for each student. That's a pretty sophisticated table structure, but it'll do the job.

                  With this approach, you create one record in the assignments table: "Research Paper on Famous Scientist". But then link it to a StudentScore record for each student to receive that assignment so that you can document their level of success in completing that assignment.


                  Student::StudentID = Student_Score::StudentID
                  Assignments::AssignmentID = Student_Score::AssignmentID

                  Tasks::StudentID = Student_Score::StudentID AND
                  Tasks::AssignmentID = Student_Score::AssignmentID

                  Reports on student progress, grades etc. can be produced on layouts based on Student_Score as you can easily access all the needed data from the other related tables from this layout.

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                    Well, I have created a new table called assignments.  I have started putting the information in regarding the assignment.  I then tried to grab the fields from the assignments table to pull into my rubrics table, and I am getting " Unrelated table".  I have tried to identify related table, but I think that I am still missing something. 

                    What am I missing.

                    And I do want to thank you for helping a dummie.. Like me at least with this program.

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                      You need to define a relationship linking the two tables. Since many students can be linked to many assignments, you need a join table for this. That's the purpose of the Student_Score table in my last example. I think your "rubrics" table is going to end up serving as your join table if one record in rubrics is intended to record the score for one student's assignment.