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Newbie here.  Checkbox with value question.

Question asked by KristyJohnson on Jul 12, 2011
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Newbie here.  Checkbox with value question.


I am wanting to create a rubric for grading.  I have created fields with checkboxes and gave a value to each one.  For instance.

Task 1 excellent.  The value is 10, Task 1 Proficient. The value is 7.5.  Task 1 Needs Work, Value 5.  I have the same all the way till task 3. 

What I envision is that I can look at the students assignment, check the appropriate box and then it shows the calculated grade in a grade field. 

I am a newbie.  Is there someone that can help me with a dummied down version on how to finish the rest of my work.