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    Newbie mistake-Missing fields



      Newbie mistake-Missing fields & tables


           I'm the first to admit I made a newbie mistake, but I hope someone can help me out, since I have done about 10 hours of work, since I made my mistake earlier this morning.  I decided to make my table size smaller, by breaking 1 table down into 6 tables.  All was going good, until I started changing the references on the layouts.  Everything  looked perfect on the in input screen for existing records, so I tried to add a new record.  All worked well until I tried to save it (I use a script to save it, to ensure the users fill out each field).  I get an error that says I am missing a table , well two really.

           I found the Design report [I wish I had known about this before this afternoon :( ]- and see that it tells me that I am missing two fields, but nothing about missing tables, that I can find.  I went the the positions that it gave me for the missing fields and I don't see anything there.  I tried moving things from the front and to the back, and nothing appeared.

           Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Once I figure out what I did wrong, this will be one mistake I will not do again!

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               You need to tell the app where you move the fields.  This can changes things with relationships also, so you will need to verify your relationships.  The field with the missing table just double click and then select the new location of the field.  Go to File then manage layout and then select edit on any layout affect by those field and besure that the the correct field is "show records from".  Any scripts that refers to old location of file will have to be verified.  We all do these type mistakes when we are learning.    Remember you can make backups with save copy as, which is a good idea every 15 minutes or so when you are working on a large project.  Good Luck.