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    newbie needs assistance on tabs



      newbie needs assistance on tabs



      Totally new to filemaker pro 11 and have tried to find information on how to build a table under a tab.i have built a DB with tabs and i would like to enter training details under a tab headed training, with info like date, course details etc. similar to a spreadsheet.any help or direction to the relevant info would be appreciated

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          I'm only a newbie myself, so you may want to take my advice accordingly, but it sounds as though you want to be using a portal to display a list of records under your tab. Whilst you wait for someone better than I to answer your question fully, you might want to take a look at chapter 4 of the user guide or lesson 11 of the user tutorial

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            Winston may call himself a "newbie" but I agree with his advice. Portals are an extremely useful tool to use in FileMaker and it sounds like exactly the correct approach for listing multiple records inside a tab control. If you encounter specific questions when you try to set that up, feel free to post back here with those questions.