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    Newbie needs help



      Newbie needs help




      I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere, so hope someone might be able to help.


      I have a problem when entering data into a database. Every time I move to the next field I get an info box stating 3 records need updating. I have been through the database to see if anything is wrong with it but everything looks ok. It just takes several seconds to move to the next field which can add a lot of time when there are a lot of records to input.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          I would start by Making a Copy of the database.

          Run Recover on the original, see if any errors are reported and test the recovered copy.


          Also Save as Smaller can fix slowness problems. 

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               Thanks for the reply, unfortunately, after trying the steps you suggested I am still getting the same problem. I just can't figure out why it keeps saying 4 records to update. All the records in the database have been updated, so this one is strange.
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                 Personally, I've used filemaker for a very long time and haven't seen that specific error message. I'm wondering if it might be a custom dialog that a script is displaying or a custom validation rule message. Either way, there's no way to tell from here what might be causing the problem without knowing a great deal more about your database and what you are doing when the message appears.
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                Ok..to start with  I am just learning so thought I would start out with one of the included databases to see how it works and so on. I've started by using the CD database and I get the message whenever I hit tab to go to the next field to enter data. I did edit the layout by putting in another field and changing the behavior of some of the fields, but did nothing with scripts.

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                     Is this the "Music Library" database template that comes with FMP 10?
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                      I used that template to create a new empty database and did a quick check of the first layout that appears. There's a script trigger set on a number of fields on this layout so that when you exit the field (such as pressing tab), it attempts to use a Replace field contents operation to update values in a group of records. I suspect that one of your changes to the database is triggering a locked record situation or the field kp_ID_Record is no longer auto-entering a serial number. Either situation would keep the Replace Field Contents script from doing it's thing and you'd get an error message.


                      Can you post the exact, word for word error message?

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                           it says "records remaining to update" and then the number of records, which at the moment is 6