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    Newbie needs help - athlete records databse



      Newbie needs help - athlete records databse


      Hi all

      i am not sure whether this question will open a can of worms or not as i am unsure of the difficulty of what i am trying to create.


      in essence it is an athlete management database.  i want to be able to link weekly event performance and injury status to individual athletes personal information. From a recall or reporting perspective i would like to be able to do two things - enter an athletes name and have all their results come up and/or call up a date or opponent and have the performance of all the athletes that participated that day.


      i am able to set up the personal information table but am unsure how to set up the other two. i think that the answer for one will also be the answer for the other.


      do i a.) create a table for each athlete which lists their individual performance (approx 10 tables) ie Athlete A - week 1, week 2, week 3 then Athlete B - week 1, week 2, week 3 etc


      b.) one table for all which has a data column to enter the name of the athlete


      i have filemaker pro 11 and have had a little bit of experience making basic databases on access and bento.  i have had a look at the tutorials but cant quite make the link between what i have tried with them and what will for what i am trying to do.


      any help greatly appreciated (hope i am not overstepping my boundaries on my first post)

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          Separate tables for each week? No, no, no. You just need one "performance" or "event" table, with date and event info, and an athlete ID field that you link to the athlete ID in the person table.


          You can show the athlete's events info in a portal, on a layout based on the person table.


          To see performances of all athletes on a given day, you'd search for that day in a list layout based on the event table.


          Does that make sense?

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            Thanks Tom - thats has helped me immensely!  i have realised that i needed to adjust the fields that i would use.


            If i can be so bold as to ask another question?  I have two tables. 1 = fixtures, 2 = match statistics. these are linked through a relationship. is there a way that i can have opposition as a drop down menu in a field in the stats table and that by selecting an opponent it autofills other data fields such as date, ground from the fixtures table into the relevant fields in the stats table?


            Many thanks


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              Disregard last post - i have found the solution using a lookup.  Thanks again for your help