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Newbie Needs Help - Exporting Value Lists to Excel

Question asked by NatalieKelly on Apr 19, 2011
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Newbie Needs Help - Exporting Value Lists to Excel


I've set up fields as value lists so I can use check boxes to data to records rather than type in text.  This is for a staffing database.  I need to export the data to Excel so my co-workers can view it, but when I do, the values all run together.  For example, if someone has experience in Accounting, Finance, and Marketing, the data in the Excel cell displays: AccountingFinanceMarketing.  I'd like them to show up with commas between them or with a return after each (no blank line between them though, that's just the format in this format after you do a return):




I've tried all kinds of things to get around this but I'm not an IT person and am new to FileMaker so I'd appreciate any suggestions you can give me.