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newbie please help if possible

Question asked by EddyWhite on May 15, 2012
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newbie please help if possible


Hi ,

 sorry for being a newb but i got issues im part of a small family owned business my mother was our secratary and computer guru .

Well she passed away dec. 18 i know very tramatic but heres my problem she created a database with lotus approach and its currently working fine, but in our business rules and regs change with the wind. She had this database set up where everything is its own form and when u clicked one thing it led you on to the next and next and next all kinda like a process. But lotus is expensive and we had a hard drive burn out on the computer and the licence was expired on lotus so had to buy a new copy 400 bucks worth and then it was the new version and fields didnt quite relate with each other. I got all that working right but it still has some glitches and now weve just got new laws passed and things need to be changed. needless to say i decided that it was gonna be my personal mission to make a new base . I looked at trying lotus again and othe choices but this filemaker program is gonna be awesome with our business the way it is (wrecker serv.) we will be able to utilize the iphone and ipad apps . it will save us tremendous time being able to make an invoice on a car we picked up outside when we unload it. Plus it will not be affected if windows comes up with 8 or vista 2 or whatever . thats why the original licence was expired new computers, new windows blah blah blah

 We have to send out letters with certificates of mailing on every vehicle we pick up she had the lotus base set up so when i clicked send first letters and entered an invoice number it pulled up all info on car ie. where we picked up ,charges,storage fees,everything well when u clicked print it would print the letter and a just like the post office cert of maiing .my question is how in this program do i create a form or whatever its called to look just like that i tried to scan a copy and use it somehow like that . can i make a form of layout like that ? As you can probably tell im no guru but i can figure things out with some guidance. Again im sorry for being the new guy but any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.