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    Newbie problems



      Newbie problems


      Hello everyone,

      I am new to making databases with Filemaker, but i seem to have run into a problem already.
      I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 10 and have made a database with multiple tables. I know Filemaker creates a table with the same name as the database that was created. Along with that table I have created two more.

      I noticed that in File-Manage-Database, even though the table is highlighted, the butten with change is greyed out for any of my tables. After reading about how to change the name of the table, this button should not be greyed out and I should be able to rename the table whenever I want to. This does not seem to be possible. Does anyone have a solution for this?

      After not being able to rename tables I resorted to deleting the table that Filemaker created along with the database (including ticking the occurences option). Then I noticed that, after clicking on 'edit layout' , the layout still showed the name of the table I had just deleted. When clicking on Manage-Layouts and highlighting the obsolete layout name, the only options I have are 'layout setup', 'ok', and 'cancel'. I read that through this menu, I should be able to delete a layout. This also seems does not seem to be possible. Should I just ignore this or is there a solution for this, since I do not want my database to have unwanted/obsolete/useless stuff.


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          To change the name of a table:

          Select the table in Manage | database | Tables

          Type in a new table name for the selected table. The greyed button will now change. Click change and you have changed the name of your table. However, each time you create a new table, FileMaker automatically creates a matching Layout and Table Occurrence of the same name. Changing the name of the table does not change the name of the layout nor does it change the name of the table occurrence. (A table occurrence is the "box" found in Manage | database | layouts.)

          Delete layout works just fine in Manage | Layouts, but there's one restriction: There must always be at least one layout in your database at all time. If there is only one layout in your file, you will not be able to delete that last layout until you first create a new layout. You can also rename a layout with the edit button and you can also use this option to link a layout to a different table occurrence.

          To learn more about table occurrences and how they control the function of a FileMaker database, see this thread:  Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?