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newbie query - Invoice starter

Question asked by RMckeown on Nov 30, 2011
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newbie query - Invoice starter


I'm using the Invoice starter, but I would like each invoice detail line to show a photo of the product.

I copied the specification of "Picture" field from the "Product" database and pasted it into the "Line Items" database.

Next I edited the layout Record Detail -Invoices  and reduced the width of the product name. Next I inserted the new field (Line Item:Picture field) on the line item portal

However, when I run the program and enter a product ID, it shows the product name, price etc, but does not copy over the picture.  

It will store the picture OK if I add it, so I guess the problem is how to get pictures copying with the other data when a record is being created in a portal.

Easy steps please.

Many thanks in anticipation