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Newbie question

Question asked by AntonTeterine on Nov 30, 2010
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Newbie question


Hi all,

I have new developer question, which might be really easy or might be quite complicated to deal with.

I have table Registrants where I have number of records (over 100) of people registering for event. They choose different options (activities such as skiing, snowmobiling etc) for 7 days for AM and PM. So I have bunch of fields named in this fashion: Day1_AM_act_name, Day1_PM_act_name etc. Each of this fields stores name of the chosen activity.

I also have options for those activities, and there might be as little as one or as many as 10 options users select. Therefore I have fields for each day, each time slot and each option named as: Day1_AM_opt0 - Day1_AM_opt9, Day1_PM_opt0 - Day1_PM_opt9 etc. These options are presented as integer numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 etc.

I now need to represent them as names, rather than numbers on one of the layout. So skiing 0 would represent say private lesson etc.

I have created Activities table, which has act_name field which has name of the activity and opt_0 - opt_9 fields which represent names of those options.

What I need to do is output value of the field opt_# from Activities table where act_name equals Day1_AM_act_name and # is value from Day1_AM_opt0 into the field named Day1_AM_opt0_name

After that I will duplicate fields Day1_AM_opt0_name into ***_opt1_name etc.

I hope this makes sense. If there is an easier way of manipulating data I would appreciate suggestion.

Thank you!