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    Newbie question



      Newbie question


           On a screen I have two fields.

           I want the user to make their selection by clicking in either field which would put their choice into a third field.

           I’m a hobbyist so your insight how to accomplish this would be appreciated.

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               So you have field 1, field 2 and field 3. How would "clicking in either field" select a value?

               Are they formatted with radio buttons? Check boxes? Drop down list or pop up menu?  Could you just have two buttons in place of field 1 and field 2?

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                 Am is correct in thinking I should have field 3 formatted as radio buttons with field 1 and field 2 as the choices?

                 If so, how do I get the contents of field 1 and field 2 to display as the choices?


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                   I don't know, that's why I am asking you for more information. You may not need a field 1 or a field 2 at all. It depends on what you need to see take place on your layout.

                   If you format a field with radio buttons, you can click a value to select it and this value is then entered into that field. The selection is then displayed for that field as a selected radio button so why would you need any more than that one field formatted with radio buttons?

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                     Why do you need 3 fields?  One field might work with use of Radio Button format from a value list.?  Example of Field 1  O Yes  O No.... clicking Yes will set the Value of Field 1 to "Yes".  Are your fields Fixed or Variable valued?


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                       You might find these links useful, especially the first 5