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    Newbie Question



      Newbie Question


      I created a membership dB with 193 records.  In browse mode I want to also see a list of members from which to select that will display in the record layout (rather than going to the menu bar and guessing the record number).  The attached image shows a list to the right of the member record. How do I do this?


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          Is what I'm looking at is a list on the left and the full record on the right?  On the left I assume a portal.  And you want to click on the persons name on the left and see the full record on the right?  Or do you want to click on the name on the left and create a new record on the right and populate it with the name you clicked?

          Also could you show the screenshot in layout mode so we can see what tables/table occurrences the portals belong to.

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            Thank you Steve.  Yes, maybe it is a portal I am trying to imlement.  The previous image was a layout I am trying to emulate but in far more simpler way.  On the left is a list from which to select a member which would then display on the right.  My actual layout is attached here.