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    Newbie Question for Counting Records



      Newbie Question for Counting Records


      I'm trying to get a summary total of browsed records that do not equal zero in a particular field. The database is for grants that were approved. I know it's simple, but I'm very new and would appreciate your kind assistance. Thanks!

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          If you mean a count of the records........

          Create a new calculation field: If(grant amount approved >0, 1,0).

          Create a summary field that totals the new field. It will work since it will only be counting the 1s.


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            It depends on the structure of your database but try this:


            1. Let's say you are in a table called something like 'Grants'.

            2. Go to Layout mode and make a list view

            3. Put the field that has the 'Grant Amount' in the list

            4. Make a new field called 'Total Grant Amount' and make it a type 'Summary' and make it total the field called 'Grant Amount' 

            5. Add a Part called a 'Trailing Grand Summary' at the bottom of your list

            6. Add the field called 'Total Grant Amount' to the 'Trailing Grand Summary' part.



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              Thanks for the quick responses. I think both will work. I actually stumbled across a function called GetAsBoolean that did something similar to the If calculation proposed. I just needed 1s and 0s to total up. It was very simple. Sorry for the bother, but thanks again for the advice.