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Newbie Question on Many-to-Many Relationships

Question asked by Lauraharley on Jul 5, 2013
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Newbie Question on Many-to-Many Relationships


     I have read the Tech Note from Filemaker on many-to-many relationships. I've tried implementing using the example the Tech Note provides, biut I'm clearly not understanding some fundamental concept. 

     I have a publications table that contains publications with the title, publication date, and abstract. A publication can have more than one author, so I want a way to show all the authors for a publication and associate the name to a record in the author table.  I have an author table which contains contact information, biographical summary, and a list of the publications each author has written. Each author can author more than one publication. For each author, I want to show all the publications for that author and I want each publication to associate to a record in the publications table.

     I have both a pubID and an authorID which are unique for each table. I have tried to set up a "join table" containing the pubID and authorID, but when I set up a portal or try to show the fields or the values from the other table, nothing shows up.  I can get a portal to work if I only use one author name per publication, but this isn't what I want. I've tried every permutation and combination I can think of, but I'm stumped. Can someone point me to an example where multiple items from one table show up on multiple items in another table? Or provide some additional information?