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Newbie question re runtime apps in FM 9

Question asked by JeffP on Apr 11, 2010
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Newbie question re runtime apps in FM 9


I'm creating an application that I want to turn into a runtime application and provide over the internet.

1. What is the best method for providing updates to customers given that FM combines data, process and interface? Do I have to create a method by which the data from the customers old database is copied into the new one?


2. I'm using an Intel Mac. I have a Dell PC running Windows 2000. My understanding is that for my app to run on the windows machine I have copy the files from the Mac to the Windows machine and make (bind) the application there.

a. Does that mean I have to buy a Windows version of FM Pro Advanced to do this?

b. Also do I have to make the application on each of Windows XP and Windows Vista and Windows 7?

c. Or do I make the application on one Windows platform and it covers all the rest? If so which windows platform?


3. Are their any features that can be in my FM Pro Advanced database that are lost when I create the runtime application from my database?