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newbie question RE: tables

Question asked by nate1604 on May 3, 2009
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newbie question RE: tables & relationships


I am using FMP 10 to analyze voter data. I obtained a tab-delimited report which includes fields for "precinct number", "precinct portion" and "voter totals".   Here is a link to the original data file I am working with:


The report shows voter totals for each precinct portion. However I am trying to display/calculate the total number of voters for the entire precinct, which must be calculated by adding up the number of voters in each precinct portion for a particular precinct. For example, if precinct# 101411 is divided up into precinct portion# 1 and precinct portion# 2, I have to add the voter counts for precinct portion# 1 and precinct portion# 2 to obtain the total number of voters in precinct 101411. The report contains approx 2-6 "precinct portions" for each "precinct number", and there are approx. 840 precincts.  Any suggestions on how this could be accomplished?