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Question asked by Tmolleck on Apr 5, 2010
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Ok, My IT department has just purchased File Maker Server. We are wanting to use it for Asset Management, for Computer hardware, Printers, and software. I've been given the task of creating the database. I've played with it some, but figured I would ask if what I'm envisioning is possible rather than beat my head in trying to figure it out.


There will be 3 tables (if more helps thats fine) Computer, Printer, Software.


Under the table "Computer" I would like a drop down list of to select what Printer is installed on the computer. The printer's Table would have a field titled "Printer Name" which this would pull from.


Would it be possible to then look at the Printer and see what computers have it installed?


I'm also wanting the same thing with software (though it might be a large box of checkboxes.) Again, I would want to do a search for the software title and see everywhere it has been installed.


Lastly, we have software that is installed in entire classrooms, would it be possible to have a "room" field so I could add software/printers to 30 computers associated with that "room" rather than do it individually? (more of a lazy hope than anything else)



Ok, hopefully thats clear, thanks for all the help guys.