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Newbie question. Invoices template.

Question asked by ducted on Mar 22, 2011
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Newbie question. Invoices template.


Hi all!

Taking as example the Invoices template included in FM 11 Pro, I wanted to add items to the Invoices layout portal using the Product Name field instead using the drop-down list that takes values from the Product ID value list.

I enabled the checkboxes browse mode and find mode for the edit box to allow me write in, and also the auto-complete checkbox using existing values.

That was an epic fail...

I know the portal is taking data from the Line Items::Product Name fields. Table which is linked to the Related Products::Product ID, so only shows the product name if a product in other row has been added before. In that case, shows the product name while I'm writing, but not fills the part number, price, extended price fields, just only the name.

The question is, how can I do it?

I've been trying a lot of combinations with relationships but nothing worked, and I don't know too much about scripting coding to do it by myself.

Please, could anyone help me to do this? I want to write only the product name, and when pressing tab, return or enter, automatically fill the Product ID, Price, etc. Taking the existing values from the Products or related table instead selecting it from the drop-down list.

Thanks in advance for your patience and excuse my poor English.