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NEWBIE QUESTION: Combining records from diff. tables

Question asked by ChristianFog on Jun 8, 2011
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NEWBIE QUESTION: Combining records from diff. tables


Hi Forum Laughing

First visit, first post. Don´t kill me for dumb questions, please Embarassed

I am setting up my first FM db of hundreds of PCs at my school and which student or employee uses which PC. Made a Computer table with serial number as key and a Person table also with a number as key. A third table contains only those two key fields, trying to link the users with their PCs. I think this is correct to make my base relational.

I have 100 new computers imported into the Computer table and about as many names in the Person table. But I can´t get the third table filled with data from the two others.

The question is, how do I combine the two, assigning a PC to a person? Is it a table thing or do I need a script? I need a hint where to start looking. Have browsed through the Users Guide, FM Help and Google.

Of course, I can assign a PC to each person outside FM, in an Excel sheet, then reimport the data to FM. But it looks like I can only import to target fields in one table at a time. My question concerns new PCs not yet assigned to a user. But later I need to import lists from Excel of PCs already linked to a user. So importing across tables sounds like a solution to me. But how?

Thanx a whole bunch for listening,

and even more for a hint to a solution