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Newbie Question: Easiest way to do Bento collections in FMP13?

Question asked by sritcp on Jul 11, 2014
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Newbie Question: Easiest way to do Bento collections in FMP13?


     We run some online workshops. I have been using Bento for a number of years to manage our workshop registrants (and alumni).  With the demise of Bento (and more importantly, its crashing in Mavericks), we went ahead and purchased FMP13 yesterday. I converted the Bento-exported CSV file and got it into FMP. I need a quick fix solution to organize my data (next workshop season is approaching; I don't have the time to master FMP!!!).

     I have a master data table of about 2000 attendees (records or rows) and about 50 fields (or columns). We run 8 different workshops. People register for 1 or more workshops. In Bento, I used to make a collection (not a "smart" collection) for each workshop, and drag the attendees (records) registered for that workshop. In each collection, I used fields that were relevant to that workshop. Each of these collections, therefore, had not only a subset of records, but a subset of fields.

     What is the simplest way to achieve this in FMP? I understand that this is called a "view"? 

     I thought I could use FIND to filter records, but I guess this won't filter the fields. Portals (which I haven't yet studied) seems like using a cannon to swat a fly; I just need to be able to look at the registrants for each workshop and selected fields. Of course, I should be able to add new registrant without having to go back to the master table or view.

     I am still doing the tutorials. Any help would be greatly appreciated.