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Newbie Questions! Please recommend!

Question asked by id4382 on Mar 27, 2009
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Newbie Questions! Please recommend!


I am looking to create a website where my end-users will be able to create entries into the specified database fields. Now, I am not a complete genius when it comes to databases and connectivity, so please be gentle, but here is what I am hoping to achieve with FileMaker:



1. Customer goes to and signs up for a account with the purpose of storing textual data about whatever they want in the database.

2. Customer then goes to form page that is linked to database and enters his/her data and clicks 'submit'.

3. Customer can at anytime view, add, delete, update, or print thier records they have submitted.



1. I want to create a database using FileMaker.

2. Once the database is created with the fields I require, I would like to allow access to this database via the web

3. I want the database to be online to where I would not need any personal computers online at my location in order for customer access.


That's the basics of what I am looking to do. Please suggest what I need in order to accomplish this and if it is even possible doing it with the FileMaker software. I will try to provide more info if you need it to make a educated guess/suggestion. Thanks!!!