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    Newbie Questions! Please recommend!



      Newbie Questions! Please recommend!


      I am looking to create a website where my end-users will be able to create entries into the specified database fields. Now, I am not a complete genius when it comes to databases and connectivity, so please be gentle, but here is what I am hoping to achieve with FileMaker:



      1. Customer goes to www.whateverdomain.com and signs up for a account with the purpose of storing textual data about whatever they want in the database.

      2. Customer then goes to form page that is linked to database and enters his/her data and clicks 'submit'.

      3. Customer can at anytime view, add, delete, update, or print thier records they have submitted.



      1. I want to create a database using FileMaker.

      2. Once the database is created with the fields I require, I would like to allow access to this database via the web

      3. I want the database to be online to where I would not need any personal computers online at my location in order for customer access.


      That's the basics of what I am looking to do. Please suggest what I need in order to accomplish this and if it is even possible doing it with the FileMaker software. I will try to provide more info if you need it to make a educated guess/suggestion. Thanks!!!

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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro does have the ability to display your databases over the web using Instant Web Publishing.  FileMaker Server product also gives you the ability to display your databases over the web using Custom Web Publishing with PHP or XML.


          With Instant Web Publishing, launch FileMaker Pro and open your file.  Then, pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing".  When you turn on Instant Web Publishing and set the user access to All Users, anyone can have access to your file.  You can even set up accounts so that users can only view and/or edit and/or create and/or delete records.  When you go to print, you are limited by the Browser being used.


          The Customer would enter the URL address of the computer running FileMaker Pro, and they will be able to access the file(s).


          FileMaker Pro needs to be running in order for web clients to see the FileMaker Pro file.  If you do not want to host the file yourself, there are FileMaker hosting web sites, so you should search for one in your area.


          If you have any additional questions, or need clarification for any of the above information, please let me know.



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