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Newbie questions. Starting DB from Scratch

Question asked by pad-man on Oct 5, 2012
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Newbie questions. Starting DB from Scratch


     I am new to FMP and databases. I have taken the time to watch the Chris Ipolite  tutroials on I am in the ERD stage and have a few questions. I have six entitites: Client, Location, Unit, Personel, Personel Training Records, & Medical Direction. The Client to Locations, is a one to many relationship, each client may have one or many locations. At each location there is at least one unit and there may be many, so the relationship of Location to Unit is One to Many. Each Client has Personel. The personel may be at one or many of the locations so the relationship of personel to locations is one to many. The personal traing records, now that I am writing this, is a one to one relationship as each person has only one training record so I gues the traing record fields can go under the Personel table and reduce my tables by one entity leaving Client, Location, Unit, Personel & Medical Direction.

     The relationship of Medical  director to client is a one to one relationship, which would mean based on the tutorials, that I dshlould make the Medical Direction a Field on the client Table but I want to compile the basic contact info for the Medical Director so I think this should be a seperate table.

     I have included my diagram to make sure I have the correct relationships and keys. Without complicating my endeavor for now I will like to be able to have the corresponding client documents archives along with daily weekly monthly and quarterly unit check forms in this database as well but I know I need to come up with the basic design first. I am not using a starter design FYI, I am starting from scratch.

     Any help is greatly appreciated.

     Thank you.