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    Newbie requests some guidance

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          Welcome to the FM forum, BigSpender,


           Just so I understand your question correctly, if I was to do all these things manually, would that be what you want?


          - Via a 'Find', browse to the record for Carrots, which gives the following results: - 

          [Jan][Feb][Mar] in season
          [Orange] in colour
          [Potato][Cabbage][Parsnip] in other available vegetables


          Then do a new 'Find' for  [Orange] in the field 'colour', and I would see a list of 3 records, which I could browse through at my leisure:

          - Carrot

          - Tangerine

          - Satsuma

          (...sorry, can't think of any other orange vegetables off the top of my head.)


          Or instead I could do another 'Find' for  'Potato', and it would show me the one record for 'Potato'?


          From where I could do another 'Find' to find all those vegatables that, like a potato, are in season in September (say)?



          If that is what you want then you don't actually need any 'cross-referencing' by Filemaker - you will have done all that by your careful data-entry.  All you need are buttons that drive 'Find' scripts, which find all the records like the field they are beside.


          It might be desireable to have some of these features (for example, a list of the months of the year) in a related table, purely to exploit some advantages of display, but I would guess that it's not worth even that (very small) bother.



          If I have been too simplistic, or you want any more, or different, help, just post again.



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            Hi [Sorbsbuster]


            Thanks for the reply!

            Yea I guess what you have written is what I want to build, but I think I need relationships between different tables, and each record would have a serial ID for the month/colour? So I could run scripts to link to the other related tables??


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              If what I proposed to be achieved 'manually' is everything you want, then at this stage there is no need for any relatiionships, or even more than the one table you already have.


              All you need to write are some 'Find' scripts, to find all records that match < the contents of the field you are interested in >.


               But I am worried in case I am missing something.  Why do you still think you need more tables and relationships between them?  What purpose do you want them to achieve beyond what I outlined?