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Newbie scripting/relationship questions

Question asked by MatthewRomberg on Apr 18, 2011
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Newbie scripting/relationship questions


Hopefully there is an easy fix to my question.

I'm building a database to record finishes for sailboat racing.  A lot of our racing is based on a handicap system where each boat has a performance rating based roughly on how fast it can sail a nautical mile.  I've created a table called "Boat" with fields like sail number, boat class, owner name, and the rating mentioned previously.  

So, when a boat finishes a race, the trick is to identify the correct boat with the correct rating.  The first identifier used to record a finish is the boat's sail number.  I set up a "Finisher" table with fields including finish time, sail number, boat class, etc.  The problem is that there can be several boats with the same sail number, each from a different class.  What I was hoping to do was enable the user to enter a finisher's sail number, e.g. "123" which would then trigger a script to find all the boats in the "Boat" table with sail number "123".  I then would need some way for the user to select the correct boat with sail number "123" from the found set.  That selected "Boat" record would then populate the "Finisher" fields.

I'm trying to keep the "Boat" table as a reference that cannot be modified by the user.

This is making my brain hurt just trying to ask you guys the question!  Thanks in advance