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Newbie User question: Adding photos

Question asked by TonyMallis on May 15, 2011
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Newbie User question: Adding photos


I am a filemaker novice. I have recently made the transition across from Access, so workflows and methods are somewhat different to what I'm used to.

I am a teacher at a high school and have used Access to administer my faculty. I'm slowly piecing together a relational database in Filemaker to replace the Access database.

One issue I used to have in Access was including  photos (of the students). It was not possible to embed the photos into the database without bloating the file size out. With some simple scripting I was able to link the photos externally to the student data table.

It seems that in Filemaker I can very easily add a photo field and then bring the photo in.

Here's my question: how can I easily and quickly add the photo field for each student when I have over 1000 students in the table.

The fields in the StudentData table is as follows:

StudentID (unique 6 digit number, used as the primary key)



Year Group


Photo (container field)

I have a folder with photos. The photos are named by StudentID. So, for example, student 060001 has a matching photo named 060001.jpg

It's easy enough to add one photo into the table but how would I add over 1000