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    newbie with newbie issue.



      newbie with newbie issue.


      Hi Guys, Im starting the fm world with the fm10 trial, been reading tutorials and watching some videos to grasp the basics. I decided to start a very basic clients lists. All its ok but I have a situtation. I have a date dropmenu and below it a notepad. Basically all I want is that a new date => gets a new notepad. Just that.

      Do I have to enter the scripts world for that? Thanks in advance guys.



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          In filemaker, you would usually select Records / New Record and then enter your data. If the date is usually today's date, you would set it up to enter the creation date as an auto-enter option for the date field.


          Will that do what you want?

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            Thanks for the quick reply phil!

            Made this little video: http://www.box.net/shared/4a7lyaj0su

            Nothing like a video to clear up things. 

            As you can see, I just want that when a new date is clicked a new notes gets generated. And of course, If you click a previous date you get the corresponding note that was posted.

            Thanks again for your time mate.

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              I undestood what you were requesting. I was suggesting a different approach that took less programming and thus would be easier for a "newbie" to implement.


              I assume you want a new "note pad" whenever you enter a new date in the date field shown just above it in your screen shot. Using Manage | Database, create a new table, "Note Pad",  and define a date field, NoteDate, for your date and a text field for your "note pad".


              Use the relationships graph to link cierres::consulta relizada to Note Pad::NoteDate. Enable the "Allow creation of records via this relationship" option for the Note Pad side of this relationship.


              Now go back to the layout in your screen shot and replace your notas field with Note Pad::NoteDate.


              Enter browse mode and test to see if it works.

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                Fill in the notes at the top , script it to be entered into the relationship below.

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                  worked phil! now I have to understand what I just did! 

                  thanks again.


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                    thanks rs! will give it a look - took me a couple of minutes to understand the logic of what I just did. I know its dead easy for you but for a beginner its a whole new way to diggest things.

                    thanks rs, very kind of you.


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                      Note that you have one set of "note pad" records for all your records in your main table. If you want one set of note pad records for one record in your main table and a different set of note pad records for the next record in the table, we'll have to modify your initial relationship so that it's a bit more sophisiticated.


                      I held off on this detail until you were able to get the initial set up working.


                      If you want to put in place what I've just described, post back here and we'll go a step farther...

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                        Ready to resume Phil.



                        Every record (from the same day) inherits the same notes... Would be greatful if you could shred some light on how to fix this mate.

                        Thanks for your time.

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                          I see you have a field in clientes named cliente_ID. I'm assuming this is an auto-entered serial number or other value that uniquely identifies each record in clientes. Add a matching field to notepad.


                          Option 1:  If you want to see all the notes taken for a given clientes record for a given date...


                          Change your relationship to match up the following fields:

                          clientes::Consulta realizada = Notepad:: Date AND

                          clientes::cliente_ID = Notepad::cliente_ID


                          Option 2: If you want to seea ll the notes taken for a given clientes record regardless of date...

                          clientes::cliente_ID = Notepad::cliente_ID


                          In either case, use a portal to display your notepad records on your clientes layout.

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                            Hi Phil, I just saw your reply (didnt see the notification in my mail (it was in the junk)). I just made what you suggested:

                            clientes::cliente_ID = Notepad::cliente_ID

                            And worked perfectly. Its so obvious after you do it...

                            Thanks for the easy workaround mate.

                            Warm regards and thanks again Phil.