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newbie with question re storing container field data externally

Question asked by jimnagle on Mar 10, 2014
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newbie with question re storing container field data externally


     In reading the knowledge base I am confused (not hard to do) about a 'keep in mind' section under Storing container field data externally. It says - "You cannot create, edit or delete a base directory if the DB is hosted on a different computer."

     Not sure what this means since I thought the whole point of storing container field data was the opposite. Or does this simply mean that when you are specifying the location, you have to be on the computer where the database is hosted?


     I attended a nice class last week here at NIH taught by Ronnie Rios who did a great job. He informed me that in fm12 or13, there are not the cross-platform compatibility issues that we had with FM11. We have videos which were linked to the DB in FM11. In 11, if you tried to play a linked video, it could only be done on a PC as the location of the server storing the videos had defined the path in PC terms. A Mac couldn't get there.  I upgraded the DB to FM12. Once i figure out how to properly define the location or path to externally stored files, should the videos be viewable from either platform?

     In an earlier post about this cross platform problem, it had been suggested to look at supercontainer which I did try on a demo basis, got it to work, could buy, but now am not sure if it is necessary if the DB has been migrated to FM12 or 13 (we have license for both). I currently am working with a version in FM12.