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Newbie with relational problem (just with FMP that is)

Question asked by Bauke on Apr 14, 2009
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Newbie with relational problem (just with FMP that is)




I'm trying to migrate from MySQL to FMP. It's quite different but works great sofar.

I'm now trying to get related data in one of my layouts and I must be doing something wrong here.


I have a table for games (wedstrijden) played. In this table I have a record for every game/player. There are always 2 players in every game so I have 2 records for every game. One of the field in wedstrijden is w_speler and is related to Wedstrijden.w_speler and holld the person's initials.


I pulled the field into the wedstijden layout and thought I would get the contents. But the field stays empty.


I made a screenshot of the layout and the relation and would like some help on this issue


Thanks in advance, from Holland