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    Newbie With Relationship Graph Confusion



      Newbie With Relationship Graph Confusion


       I'm an old flat file Excel guy who's trying to move onto Filemaker (version 11.2).  I'm trying to wrap my head around relationships and I've made some progress which is encouraging.  One thing I'm having difficulty with is that I'll make a relationship that the graph reports as being a good relationship (selecting either table and cnt Y shows a relationship) but when I go to set up calculations in the fields tab the relationship doesn't show up there. Am I missing something here?

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          There is a free dowload to update you to the latest version (11.3 for everyone but LION OS users, for whom there's an 11.4 update.) See the downloads link at the top of this page.

          In FileMaker, the relationships do not have names, the table occurrences, however do.

          On the fields tab, you select a data source table previously created on the tables tab. On the relationships tab, FileMaker starts you out with one occurrence box for every data source table and gives them exactly the same name. You can then create as many additional occurrence boxes for your data source tables as you need for your relationships.

          When you set out to define a calculation field, you select the data source table in the drop down. If your calculation will refer to data in a related table, you can then establish a "context" for your calculiton field from the context drop down at the top of the specify calculation dialog. When you set out to select a field from that related table, you'll find a drop down with "current table" in it just below the context drop down. You can then select the table occurrence you want for your related field here and you'll see all the fields from that occurrence's list of fields appear where you can add them to your calculation by double clicking them.

          FileMaker makes this confusing because all these drop downs, etc refer to table occurrences as "tables" and so only experience tells you whether this is a list of data source tables or table occurrences.

          For more on table occurrences and how to use them, see this tutorial on the topic:  Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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            Thank you for your response.  I am following your method but the problem I'm having is that once I go the the Field Tab and set up for a calculation the table I'm trying to link to doesn't show up as a related table.  When I go back to the Relationship Graph it looks good and when you select one of the two tables I've linked together the button at the bottom that shows related tables says that they are indeed related.  One place says they're related and the other place says that they're not.

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              Please distinguish between table occurrences and data source tables.

              The speciic occurrence you select in the context drop down at the top of the specify calculaiton dialog will determine what occurrences will be listed as related or not.

              Example, Say I have two occurrences of a table "lineItems" and they appear in these relationships:


              LineItems 2---<Inventory

              Where LineItems and LineItems 2 are occurrences of the same data source table.

              If I define a calculation field for a field in LineItems, selecting LineItems in the context drop down will cause Invoices and products to be listed as related tables. If I select LineItems 2, only Inventory will be listed.

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                 I fooled with it this morning and I think my problem had to do with ambiguous keys between the tables.  I corrected that and now it is working.  Thanks for your time.