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Newbie!  Help!

Question asked by joshmusick on May 11, 2011
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Newbie!  Help!


My client list for my small business is growing, and I am finding myself ever in the need of a database program.  I have never used a database program before, so all this is very new to me.  I'd like to explain what I am looking for, and if you all could let me know if FileMaker can do this, I would greatly appreciate it! I Obviously need to be able to keep contact info    I am beginning to seminars for a host of financial products. These seminars are marketed in a multitude of ways.  Press Release, Direct Mail, Signage, Website, soon Radio adds,  etc.  When someone calls in to reserve seats we find out how it was they heard of us.  I need to be able to enter the call-ins Names and contact info and track the long term results of each of these marketing techniques to determine their profitability. I trust I'm not losing anyone.       Once they reserve seats, I need to hit them with a confirmation letter, follow-up email and reminder postcard prior to the event.  So I need something that I will be able to look at and say: "This list needs to be emailed today to remind them about next weeks workshop"     Once the people have attended, many will sign up for a individual consultation, and perhaps become a client.  So at that point I need to be able to say:  Ok, so 12 people reserved a seat through the direct mail campaign, 7 off the website, 10 from signage, 11 from radio etc.  Of those 12 that came to us through direct mail, we had 4 become long term clients; 2 from the 7 website reservations....and so on. I would also like to be able to access a list of people that have birthdays that month and things like that.   I'm new to this, so I don't even know if this kind of stuff is available to guys like me in small business, for a decent price... Appreciate any comments.