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    Newbie! - Upgrade from 11 to 12?



      Newbie! - Upgrade from 11 to 12?


      Hi -

      I've taken over setting up a quality control database for our company. A former employee set up our basic qc using fm 11. I have to start all over again and am wondering a few things:

      1. Is it a good idea to upgrade from 11 to 12? Benefits/Cons?
      2. Is there a starter solution I can utilize instead of building a database from scratch? (My knowledge is very basic, but I'm willing to teach myself.)

      Any ideas/help would be much appreciated!

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           If you are starting from scratch... Filemaker 12 is great to use. However, if you are converting the database from 11 to 12. You will get huge lag issues. This is an issue that has been reported with the drawing front end on Filemaker 12. Hopefully this will be fixed.