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Newbie, password help please

Question asked by GlenTurner on Aug 9, 2015
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Newbie, password help please


Hi all,

I tried searching for this without much luck.

I have created a simple database in Filemaker Pro 14. I then put some data in it. As it was personal information, I selected File->File Options. Then on the first tab "Open", I put in an 'Account' name of my choosing, then I put in a password of my choosing. When I clicked 'ok' some message appeared that I just clicked ok. Now that I have closed the file, when I re-open it, it requests an account and password but when I enter the ones I used it tells me they are not right.

Is there any way to get back into this file? It's eight hours of work to re-create the database and re-enter the data.

Thanks in advance